I have invested a lifetime in the work and sometimes art of butchery. At this point in my life I would like to attempt to pass on some of my knowledge of the trade. Through these videos I hope to teach a wider audience the skills necessary to be proficient in the trade.

- Bill McCann, Willie's Butchery

Butcher Boy Saw


A Prophet

Back in the day, 1973, I was working at a small meat processing plant in a college town in Eastern Oregon.  These were the days before Slow Food, the writings of Michael Polan, or even  the Food Chanel on TV.  The place where I worked bought cattle, hogs, and sheep from farmers in the local area, and in turn sold meat to local stores, restaurants, schools, and other institutions within about a hundred mile radius of the plant.  ... Read More


Teaching at TLBS


How to butcher a deer at home

The very popular "How To Butcher a Deer at Home" video available online
on our YouTube channel

Artisan Master Class


The Rancher, the Butcher, and the Cify Dweller

A four-hour butchery class with Bill McCann, master artisan butcher at “The Local Butcher Shop” in Berkeley, CA — recently voted West Coast's Best Artisan Butcher Shop. The class discusses and demonstrates the complete butchery of a pure bred heritage tamworth pig, raised at the Lone Willow Ranch, a local organic farm in Firebaugh, CA. The event includes lunch. Class attendees will go home with course materials, including a video, and 5 pounds of the meat butchered during the demonstration class.

Tying a Roast video|